June 15, 2015

Artist Statement

My work is a personal journey of exploration into the world of color and texture. I approach my day in the studio with meditation, music, and a beginner’s mind. Sketches, journal notes, and images from travel inspire my next series, many taking many months to expand at their own pace, sandwiched between family and community involvement.

For many years I have liked alternating between rich layers of vibrant color on canvas, and the tactile deep textures of silk, wool, and cotton through weaving. Fiber works have always fascinated me, whether the medium is tapestry, traditional woven fabrics or off-loom techniques. The interaction of the colored threads interests me more before they are interwoven. As a result I began to explore weft faced tapestries on an upright frame. Several of these large works, many measuring twelve feet long by six feet high, were commissioned by architects and designers for hospital lobbies, banks and conference rooms.

Then one winter escape to Arizona found us experiencing the Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona. I was instantly in love with natural gemstones and the complex world of jewelry. A Calder jewelry retrospective in Dublin this year also opened a whole new possibility of work.

Like creating any artwork, it begins with a challenge. A “what if…?” A question without an answer. It ends with the success of creating something original. The part in between involves happy accidents, fun, and work inspired by a treasure trove of found objects that carry you through lost hours of delight. Boundless possibilities of expression will always exist.

Networking with fellow artists led me to begin taking convention visitors and local groups to see artists working in their studios in 1999.

We called the program Artouring, and received the Truckee Meadows Silver Star Award for improving the cultural life of the community. Reno Magazine named us in the “ Top 101 Best of Reno.”

Artouring became a non-profit organization in August 2009. In 2010 the Nevada Museum of Art challenged Lowden to create a series of new artworks in response to artist Leo Villareal’s colorful light sculptures on exhibit in the Spring of 2011. Lowden’s resulting pieces blend reference to biological cells, computer technology, and the expanses of the universe.

~Antonia Lowden